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About The Artist

Ella Mason’s latest collection features expressive lines and natural pigments, which come together to create a raw and authentic representation of the female body. Using neutral colours, Mason depicts the natural beauty of the female form and invites the viewer to appreciate its inherent power and grace.


Aside from her figurative works, Ella also paints in an abstract style, using overlapping shapes, textures, and opacity to create depth and meaning in her pieces. Her abstract paintings serve as a visual metaphor for the different chapters in our lives, inviting viewers to reflect on their own journey. Mason also uses film photography and performance as mediums within her work, and uses her personal accounts of working in misogynistic environments within her work.


The artist is passionate about using her art to explore important social issues, particularly those that affect women. Through her work, Mason explores themes of feminism, including violence against women and gender inequality in the art world and workplace. She uses her own body with her work as a way of portraying ownership, control and power. By inviting viewers to connect with their own experiences and emotions, Ella's work encourages self-reflection, self-expression, and self-love. Through her work, she hopes to inspire positive change, equality and compassion.

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