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“Afternoon Delight” - DONATED

“Afternoon Delight” - DONATED


This piece has been donated to raise money for Solving Kids' Cancer - Flora's campaign. In January 2021 Flora was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and 3 months later her parents were given the devastating news she had high-risk neuroblastoma. They need to raise £312,000 by August 2022 so she can get the treatment she needs in America.


If you're able, you can donate here:


Thank you. 


Size: A3

Charcoal on 220GSM Acid Free Heavyweight Cartridge Paper.

Unframed Original Artwork

January 2022


Please note: These pieces were drawn freehand, meaning lines may not always be exactly centered or symmetrical.

All artwork is sprayed with professional fixative to prevent smudging, however due to the nature of charcoal, please be very careful when handling original peices. 

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