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Living Object, 2023, 226x120cm.jpeg

Living Object - 2023. Mixed Media on Unstretched Canvas. 226x120cm.

Living Object explores the relationship between the body, it’s owner, and unrealistic idealisations and objectification of the female body. The work is based on a performance piece by the artist.

Viewpoint, 2023, 140x120cm.jpeg

Viewpoint - 2023. Mixed Media on Unstretched Canvas.


Hairy Toes, 2023, 100x100cm.jpeg

Hairy Toes - 2023. Mixed Media on Canvas.


Soft, 2023, 48x60inch.jpeg

Soft- 2023. Mixed Media on Canvas.


Untitled - 2023. Mixed Media on Unstretched Canvas. 120x85cm.

Untitled - 2023. Mixed Media.

Black & White Film - 2022. Self Portraits.

Reflection is a series of abstract film photographs in which the artist uses parts of her body she once felt insecurities for.

Apricity. 2023. Acrylic on 25x25 cotton canvas.

The warmth of the Sun in winter.

Remedy. 2022. Mixed Media on 100x100cm Premium Quality Acid Free 100% Cotton 350gsm Canvas. 

A reflection of us, and life. Imperfect, layered, natural, busy, calm, subjective, rough, unpredictable.


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