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If you're looking for something bespoke, commissioning a piece of art is a beautiful way to get a special piece for your home, or for a loved one.

It's important that the art in your home reflects you, your space and your story. Tailoring a piece of art to your personal preferences is a really special process. 

Please get in touch via the form below, or email me at with as much information on what you are looking for and size requirements. Photos of the space or inspiration would also be helpful within my creative process. 

Please note that my work aims to provide sanctuary, serenity and calmness, so I will not accept commissions that aren't in line with my style. 

For commercial enquiries please follow the same process, and we can discuss the best way to elevate the space. 

The canvas made will be one of a kind, and I will be able to give you a time frame upon enquiry. 


If you would like one of my female form paintings bespoke your body shape, or tailored to a certain size, get in touch to discuss!

Prices starting from £175


Commission Enquiry Form

Thanks! I will be in touch soon.

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